Épiphytes (free download, eg0cide productions, september 2018)

Half Evidence have has selected four of their favorite tracks that were given to various compilations (namely Necktar 2017 curated by Ed End on his netlabel Le Colibri Nécrophile and Classwar Karaoke). The resulting album Épiphytes brings four insights on the duo’s works and can be a good way to discover their sound universe and its evolution across the years.

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Charles premier : home-made instruments (tracks 1 to 3), voice (track 1), turntable (track 4)
Kecap Tuyul : guitar (all tracks), voice (tracks 1, 2, 4), feedback (track 1)

All the material has been remastered by Charles premier in order to provide a fluid listening while preserving the specificity of each track.

Graines de Silence (free download, eg0cide productions)

Some seeds need a lot of time to germinate. Half Evidence lastest album Graines de silence is composed of 2 tracks selected from a batch of improvisation sessions recorded in january and april 2013. It was released on eg0cide production in june 2016.

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Review by C. Reider
A group that can be counted on for thoughtful, well-constructed, abstract guitar music. This one is fairly intense and dark, sounds like the mother ship landing outside a machine shop.

Half Evidence & Now Cut : Des ailes dans le plomb (free download, eg0cide productions)

Half Evidence and Now Cut (Stéphanie Briand and Philippe Desclais) are two french bands with many common points : all their members are self-taught (and not really interested in learning how to play music “normally”), they like unexpected sounds and strange soundscapes, they use modified and/or home made instruments, they love to play with other improvisers / experimental bands.  So it’s no surprise that they decided to try to play together shortly after they discovered each other’s music. Des ailes dans le plomb was improvised and recorded during their first meeting in november 2014.

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Recorded & mixed by Kecap Tuyul
artwork by Now Cut

published january 2046 by eg0cide productions


Entreciel (free download, eg0cide productions)

Eg0cide Productions

Time after time, Half Evidence‘s sound becomes more incisive, and their playing more focused, alternating smoothly between meditative atmospheres and explosive intensities . Their new album Entreciel (consisting of 2 tracks improvised and recorded on 9 november 2014) features also a regular use of voices by both members Charles premier and Kecap Tuyul, which enhances the incantatory dimension of their music.

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Rain Spirits (free download, eg0cide productions)

Rain Spirits, Half Evidence’s new album is out on eg0cide productions. It has been recorded during the rainy month of april 2013 in Champagnac-la-Prune. Totally improvised as usual, the tracks show the most melodic side of the band including some almost bluesy/jazzy atmospheres – but still within the band’s personal blend of peaceful drifts and grittier percussive/scrapping sounds.

Rain Spirits A20130622_151629

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